Asexuality Awareness Week

I don’t usually believe in flying personal flags, but this is my person blog so perhaps I should feel that I am entitled to fly a few. One of the things that I have always struggled with is my own personal identity. I think a lot of writers get that way, we have so many voices jangling around in our heads it’s hard to tell which one is actually ours.

After much soul searching a few years ago I discovered that I identified with the term asexual. In that I do not desire sex, nor am I attracted to it. I can still do most anything that a normal human being can, I just don’t have this drive to procreate. I’m not saying that I never will, I’m just saying that it’s quite unlikely. Frankly I don’t feel that it’s that big of a deal, just another facet of who I am, much like my — In my own mind — Acerbic wit…or maybe it’s more like my nose. Whichever.

Regardless, it is Asexual Awareness week, the one week of the year where members of the asexual community try their best to raise awareness and education on this topic. Not to rub it people’s noses, not to scream indignation for being non-sexual in a sexual world, but rather to help others who may be lost find their way. If you are curious about this subject you can find many more topics of it, and a great community for people of all orientations at the link posted at the end of this entry.

Stay awesome!

Useful Links:

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)

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