Some musings

For years now I have tried to figure out exactly how to make this site something I can share with the world. I have tried tech support websites, I have tried forums, this blog is only the most recent in a long stream of attempts at being able to bring my gifts to the world and yet I always come back to this sort of site. A blog.

About what? What would I possibly blog about? It could be many things. I could blog about my thousands of interests, I could blog about cybersecurity, Magic – The Gathering and many many others that come to mind when I sit down to write something.

But something I have never really forced myself to try is to use this site as my own personal blog…that’s right folks, I will be using this site as my own website. Something that I never really expanded on or tried to use before was making this site all about me.

I mean, there’s nothing super awesome about me. I am one of hundreds of thousands of aspiring authors…just people with a lot of characters and stories banging around our heads that we try to force out in a way that you can understand. So I guess that’s why I decided to use this blog for some real talk…things that are too lengthy or wordy for me to share or discuss on sites like Twitter and I despise Facebook with a raging passion. Tumblr, for all of its entertainment lacks a good reply system, eventually forcing the longer replies into meaningless streams of characters that you’d have to have vertical pupils to read.

So, in the end I have decided to use this blog for something that I probably should have been doing all along. Using it to post about my own writing experiences and to connect with anyone who happens to come along at just the right time to maybe catch some cool things. I hope you enjoy reading my words because my greatest joy has always been providing them to you.

There is no real catch here either. I will publish my free works here as well as on other resources, but they’ll go here first. If you like something I write please share it with someone. Helping others find writing they enjoy is a great thing in life.

I don’t write for the money, surely, any writer knows that you can’t expect to thrive off a writer’s income. They are part of an elite group called ‘starving artists’ for a reason.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled on for far too long, I will be going back to working on my new serial that I hope you find delightful. I know I have been having a blast exploring this new phenomenon that originates from a very old one. It seems the penny dreadfuls are making a comeback in a unique and vibrant way. I hope any writers out there that read this feel inspired to give it a whirl.

Best of luck, keep writing and most of all, just be yourself.

Stay awesome,